Brass Credit Program

Don't let that spent brass go to waste! We're giving you money for your brass cases. We Want Your Brass!

The process is simple...

1) Create an account on our site. If you don't already have one, create one by clicking here.

2) Collect all of your spent/empty brass cases. Remove shotgun hulls, steel casess, aluminum cases, loose primers, and any live rounds. We only accept brass cartridge cases. You do NOT need to sort by caliber or clean the cases before you send them in.

3) Put these cases in a plastic bag and then in a USPS Large Flat Rate box (This is the cheapest method of shipping up to 75 pounds per box) CLICK HERE TO GET THESE BOXES SENT TO YOUR DOOR FOR FREE

4) Print and fill out the brass credit form. CLICK HERE TO PRINT FORM

5) Put Completed Form In EVERY Box You're Mailing. Tape up all of the corners and seams on your box/boxes. 

6) Take box/boxes to USPS or whichever shipping service you are using.

7) Send your box/boxes to:

Capital Cartridge - BC

9702 Wallisville Rd

Suite B

Houston, TX 77013


8) Wait. Once we receive your brass, we'll weigh your brass and apply the market value (see below) to your account in the form of store credit. 

9) Spend the fruits of your labor! You can use this store credit on ANYTHING on our website. Shop the site like you normally would and at checkout, make sure you click the box that says "use store credit". 



Current Market Value for Brass Casings:  $1.80 / LB


* If you would like to drop off brass in person at our sorting facility you MUST still print out and complete brass credit form. 


9702 Wallisville Rd

Suite B

Houston, TX 77013


Brass Drop-off Hours:

Monday - Friday 

9AM - 4PM