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Capital Cartridge offers rifle brass for sale in all of today’s most popular calibers. We offer lots to accommodate the needs of almost any reloading enthusiast. Whether you need just a few boxes of your chosen caliber or you’re a frequent shooter who reloads a case at a time, we have the right size lot for you.

If you’re short on time and you’d like them press-ready, choose fully processed cartridges that have been de-primed, swaged, trimmed, resized and polished. It's hard to tell this quality processed brass from virgin cartridges. Hands-on reloaders who prefer start to finish control can take advantage of our once fired brass that’s ready for their special touch.

If reloading brass is more than a hobby, then choose brass in either mixed headstamp lots or segregated lots for those who prefer Remington-Peters cases. Looking for .50 BMG brass? Look no further; we offer Lake City cases in lots of 50 or 200 cases.

Rifle Brass

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